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Beneficial Microorganisms of Chan Ká Vergel • Yucatán


Life on our planet began with beneficial Microorganisms, those that capture solar energy and transform it into living matter, breathe polluting gases and transform them into oxygen, that suck nitrogen from the air and minerals from the stones to make them available for plants and all other living beings. These Microorganisms are small energy plants, producers of food and soil components. In the human body they help digest and create vital substances absorbable by the body. Without beneficial microorganisms we would not be able to live!


In Chan Ká Vergel we capture and reproduce some of the most important microorganisms. We feed them well, we consent to them and we send them to you in liquid form to help you. If you treat them well, their work is free and they multiply. They bring you health, cleanliness and productivity.


For more information on microorganisms you can watch this video.


    How to use them?


    They have thousands of uses. Feel free to experiment yourself!


    Dilute them with clean water, the most natural water you can get:


    At 1:50 to water the crops (fertilize and control pests)

    At 1: 100 to wash floors (do not allow the presence of coliforms)

    At 1:20 to wash dishes (with much less soap than you usually use)

    At 1: 200 to spray and improve the air and environment in your home or garden (remove bad smells)

    At 1:10 you can take them to improve your inestinal microflora, they are probiotics.

    The dilutions mentioned above are meant for initial guidance, you cannot do any harm by increasing the concentration.


    Please let us know if you encounter a problem with any of our products. We will be happy to help resolve it. Thank you!


    We are only able to ship our Microorganisms inside the Mexican Republic. Thank you for your understanding.

    Please contact us for a shipment quote to your specific postal address.

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