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CHAN KÁ VERGEL: A model for life

Chan Ká Vergel is more than just a development: it is sustainability applied in the landscape and in the construction of houses, in food and medicine, in the management of local resources and in education.


There is no alternative: either we change our way of living deeply or we continue on the path of destroying our home, the earth. We have to recognize that we are not artifacts embedded in nature, but nature itself.


Through human reasoning we have the ability to guide and enhance our evolution. Let's do it!


We have already begun the path of transformation. The beautiful and powerful Mayan civilization that inhabited the site of Chan Ká Vergel for millennia and the entire Yucatan peninsula maintained population densities many times higher than today. The ancient Maya lived a healthy and highly productive, self-sufficient and abundant life at the same time. Now his descendants are re-creating this ancient site to restore their grandparents' practices and create in an environment without poverty or pollution.


The profound change imposed on the Mayan communities is more dangerous today than ever, and goes hand in hand with the world's urgent environmental and social problems to solve.


Chan Ká Vergel tries to guide a healing process to these impacts, unfolding the potential of all and cultivating the best of both cultures, the Maya and the Modern.

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Dr. Bernd Neugebauer


Doctor in natural sciences from the University of Freiburg, Germany, with medical, biological, biochemical, economic and forestry sciences training, dedicating my professional life to the health of biological and social systems.


In the 1970s my first concerns about a possible incompatibility of the reductionist and mechanistic scientific method arose while studying the complexity of human relationships with their natural environment. The systematic destruction of the forests worldwide was at that time the most palpable symptom of this phenomenon. Today we see that human activities also destroy clean water, soils and certain functional aspects of the climate.

I have set myself the task of getting to the root of these problems.


My main positive reference to understand the functioning of complex natural systems is the forest. Starting from the enormous complexity and depth of the relationships between the trees, the beings and the resources that surround them, we are allowed to discover the secrets of their survival for six hundred million years or more. Likewise, human physical health and the health of social systems depend on a positive relationship with these great vital systems. In order to detect its basic rules, I dedicate myself to practice and learn in both spheres, that of men and that of the forests.


My training as a Mayan farmer in the 70s and 80s gave me access to rites, ceremonies and customs of this ancient culture, allowing me to discover and start growing plants with vitalizing effects. With the aim of healing the forest, I began to know and concentrate its essences, to multiply and spread them.


Forest in a bottle® is synonymous with the identification of processes and substances beneficial to our health and longevity, created over millennia by the dynamics between forests and humans.


Today I combine turmeric, ginger and aloe vera creating synergies between these three basic plants and considering an essential part of our supplements.


All the supplements and remedies that are part of our Forest in a bottle® brand are based on traditional herbal medicine, enhancing it by supporting a healthy metabolism with optimal functioning, since we are convinced that the healthy human body has all the necessary abilities to heal itself. of any disease.


The healthiest society is the one without doctors.

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