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MICROORGANISMS / 1 gallon = 3.75 liters

MICROORGANISMS / 1 gallon = 3.75 liters




Wherever you want to apply them in your home and garden, dilute them at approximately 1:30. For example, use one liter of microorganisms with 30 liters of water. (33 ml in one liter of water).


Now you just need to spray them or put them in the environment where you want them. Bad smells disappear, the water is cleaned of lime desposits and some contamination, the plants begin to grow better, and the environment shines. Using them you will discover many more effects.


It is better to apply them when the temperatures are not extreme, they are living beings!


The best time is early in the morning. They like it better in the shade than in full light and more quickly find their hiding places when there is a little dew or after a rain.


The soil absorbs them much better when it is wet.



    How to use them?


    They have thousands of uses. Experience for yourself!


    Dilute them with clean water, the most natural water you can get:


    At 1:50 to irrigate crops (fertilize and control pests)

    At 1: 100 for washing floors (they do not allow the presence of coliforms)


    At 1:20 to wash dishes (with much less soap than you normally use)


    At 1: 200 to spray and improve the air and environment in your home or garden (remove bad odors)

    At 1:10 you can take them to improve your bowel microflora, they are probiotics.

    The dilutions mentioned above are indications, you cannot harm by increasing the concentration.


    Please contact us for any questions or problems regarding our product. We are happy to help you find a solution.


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