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Given the current situation of having an increasing number of patients with mild and severe involvement of the Corona virus in the world, we offer you the following options of natural and effective remedies, grown and processed 100% organic by us, to prepare yourself for a possible contagion, or to treat you if you have already contracted the disease:

Our Corona virus kit consists of the following:

• A bottle of Beneficial MICROORGANISMS | 400 ml

• A bag with NEEM tea powder | 50 g

• A bag of capsules of COMPLEX INTEGRAL | 1 month

• A bottle of Elixir # 3 | INTEGRATION | 30 ml

• A bag of 15 capsules of ARTEMISIA ANNUA.



The Covid 19 under normal conditions


If you do not belong to the high-risk group of the population (due to a history of serious illness or advanced age), we recommend the following treatments that are similar to those that are effective in treating the flu or influenza.



To prepare yourself for a possible infection with the Corona virus, we recommend activating the metabolism and the immune system. We have been very successful with taking our Integral Complex capsules to achieve this goal . These capsules contain Turmeric activated in an effective preparation in inflammatory processes and to fight infections. The Complex also contains Ginger to activate tissues and organs, and Aloe Vera to penetrate cell walls and get substances where they are needed. Together these three substances manage to elevate our general feeling of well-being, to such an extent that most of our patients report substantial improvements within a few days of starting treatment, regardless of their initial discomfort or condition.


Our Microorganisms in liquid form from Forest in a bottle®, due to its symbiotic activation of the intestine and its nervous system, is an accompanying step to our treatment with the Integral Complex described above. We recommend drinking a glass of water in the morning with a teaspoon of Microorganisms, along with the Integral Complex.




When you notice the first symptoms of the disease, we recommend taking drops of our Elixir # 3 | INTEGRATION . Start taking this Elixir between one and three times a day depending on the severity of your symptoms, putting four drops under the tongue, allowing them to remain there until a foam is formed that is distributed in the mouth and then disappears.


We also recommend drinking a minimum of one liter of NÍM (NEEM) tea per day, taking half a liter each morning and the rest during the day. (You can use the same leaves in the morning to make several cups of tea throughout the day.)

Neem tea is very bitter, but over time you get used to this bitterness. Neem is an enormous fortifier against any virus infection.


We estimate that 90% of those affected will be able to heal only with these measures.


In cases of strong viral infection


When you feel that the virus begins to affect your body more aggressively, increase your intake of Elixir # 3 | INTEGRATION , taking it at least every two hours until you feel that the symptoms are decreasing.


If there is no significant improvement a day or two , we recommend doing an ARTEMISIA ANNUA treatment. Artemisia is known as a very effective plant in the treatment of malaria and has been used for many years as such. In Spain, where the Covid-19 epidemic began a few weeks earlier than in Mexico, Artemisia has been extensively experimented with, being recommended by the prominent Catalan herbalist, Josep Pamiés, as one of the most effective treatments.


ARTEMISIA ANNUA capsules are taken two or three times a day, for seven to eight days.

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